DATABASE Concept for (SEE) Secondary Education Examination, (NEB) National Examination Board, BE, BCA and many more..

Database Concept for ALL (SEE) Secondary Education Examination CLASS 10, (NEB) National Examination Board CLASS 12, BE, BCA and many more..

  1. What is Data?

The sensible or insensible raw fact like a number, text, picture, symbol audio, video, place, any person, event or thing is called Data.

They are the base of processing system to obtain meaningful or sensible information. Sometime, information of a system also can be a raw fact for another system. Usually, they cannot give complete information and they should be processed to get meaningful information. Example: Ram, 20, Pokhara.

  1. What is Information?                    

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Database Concept for all

Prepared by: Er. Krishna Mahat