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The modern world is intensively identified with ever growing technology and the digital world. The urge to learn and to be knowledgeable has become one of our basic and daily priorities in today's competitive education sector. People have started to shift from old school learning to technology-based learning and the digital world surely has infinite information sources. Focusing on this essentiality of technology and education.

We, Readers Nepal, present you A New Dimension of Learning Mechanism. We have developed an online educational portal where you can quench your thirst for E-Learning. Considering the fact that Online Education and E-Learning are the outmost technology in Education sector, we have initiated this web portal to demonstrate a remarkable impression in Nepali Education sector.

Our digital learning platform will cover:
1) Practice sessions for different posts of Lok Sewa Aayog Nepal (Public Service Commission Nepal),
2) E- Notes of various levels and subjects,
3) A collective Discussion Forum, where readers and researchers from all around the globe can converse with each other, make queries, get resourceful answers, and share numerous information about their common fields or interested subject matters.

So, from the community of thousands of readers sharing their knowledge, information and updates, news and views, Readers Nepal welcomes you to the best online platform for E-Learning.

The Best Part is
It's Absolutely Free, & Will Always Be!
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